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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Nov 18, 1998



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Dealing With Null Values Returned From RDO Resultsets

If you're assigning the values of columns you return from RDO queries into string variables, you'll get an "Invalid use of Null" error if one of the columns has a Null value. For most purposes, I'd rather have the value as an empty string anyway. Rather than code for that each time I access a column, I've written a function called Clean that turns Null values into empty strings. I call it like this:
I also convert Empty values as well, for use with Variants:
Public Function Clean(ByVal varData As Variant) As String

If IsNull(varData) Then
	Clean = ""
ElseIf IsEmpty(varData) Then
	Clean = ""
	Clean = CStr(varData)
End If

End Function
James T.
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