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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Nov 18, 1998



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Erase a Variant Array

You'll find the IsArray() function helpful when you use Variant arrays that you can set or unset through your code and need to test often. However, once you declare the array, IsArray() returns True, even if the array has been erased using the Erase keyword. To solve this, reset a Variant array by assigning zero or null, so the IsArray() function returns the proper value:
Dim myVar As Variant
Debug.Print IsArray(myVar)	'Returns False
ReDim myVar(0 To 5)
Debug.Print IsArray(myVar)	'Returns True
Erase myVar
Debug.Print IsArray(myVar)	'Returns True
myVar = 0
Debug.Print IsArray(myVar)	'Returns False
To avoid this kind of tricky problem, use an Erase subroutine like this one:
Public Sub vErase(ByRef pArray As Variant)
	Erase pArray
	pArray = 0
End Sub
Nicolas Di
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