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Language: C++
Expertise: All
Nov 19, 1998



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Always Initialize Pointers

An uninitialized pointer has an indeterminate value. It's almost impossible to test subsequently whether such a pointer is valid, especially if it is passed as an argument to a function, which in turn, can only verify that it is not NULL:
void func(char *p );

void main()
  char * p; //dangerous; an uninitialized pointer 
       //_many lines of code; p left uninitialized by mistake
  if (p) //erroneously assuming that a non-NULL value indicates a valid address
    func(p);   // func has no way of knowing whether p has a valid address; undefined behavior expected
Even if your compiler does initialize pointers automatically, your code will be more readable and portable if you use explicit initializations.
Danny Kalev
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