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Language: C++
Expertise: Advanced
Dec 8, 1998



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Capturing a type_info Object

The operator typeid returns a const type_info object associated with its argument. However, the returned object is a temporary one, so if you have to call several member functions from it, you will have to use the typeid expression repeatedly--a tedious and costly operation:
cout<<typeid(myObj).name() <<endl;
cout<<typeid(myObj).raw_name() <<endl; 
Note that you cannot copy-construct or assign the returned type_info object either:
type_info ti = typeid(myObj); //compilation error; copy constructor and operator= are private
As a workaround, you can initialize a reference or a pointer with the temporary object.
type_info *pti = & typeid (myObj) ;  // OK, a pointer with the address of the returned object
cout << pti->name()  << endl;
cout << pti->raw_name() << endl; 
Danny Kalev
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