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Language: C++
Expertise: Intermediate
Jan 26, 1999



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Operator dynamic_cast<> is Aware of Access Specifications

Operator dynamic_cast<> fails when it cannot convert its argument to the desired type. Usually, such a failure results from an attempt to cast an object to a non-related class. But there can be another reason for it--an attempt to cast a derived object to its base class will fail in case of private inheritance:
class Container {/*..*/ };
class Allocator{/*..*/};
class Stack: public Container, private Allocator  {/*..*/ }; 

void main()
  Stack s;
 Allocator* p = dynamic_cast<Allocator*> (&s); // runtime failure; Allocator is an inaccessible base
In this example, dynamic_cast fails because Stack is not publicly derived from Allocator.
Danny Kalev
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