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Feb 3, 1999



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Use ByRef Properties to Check Your Custom Business Object

If you're using Active Server Pages (ASP), you can use ByRef properties to find out what's going on in your custom business object. Define a couple of variants in your ASP and send them ByRef to your business object. If you have an error in your object code, populate the fields with the err.number and err.description information. That way after the method calls, you can check the variable and display a message to the user.
	Dim lErr, sErr
Set MyObject = Server.CreateObject("MyProject.Cclass")

	MyObject.ReturnData lErr, sErr, sLocation
	if lErr = 0 then	
		Session("FoundLocation") = True
		Response.Write "<h2>" & sErr & "</h2>"
	end if
Mike Gasperino
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