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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
May 18, 1999



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Clean Up Project File Paths Before Sharing Source Code

As you work with a VB project, the project file--VBP--can become littered with relative path references such as "..\..\..\..\myfolder\myform.frm". The project loads, but only on your machine. If you send the project to someone else, or move it to another path on your own machine, you need to edit the project file to remove the ambiguous entries. You can avoid this by ensuring that all the needed files are indeed in the same directory as the project file. It's not uncommon to load a file from a different directory, in which case VB does not automatically move it into your project directory. Load the project file into Notepad and edit out all path references, leaving only the actual file names. When VB goes to load the project, it looks for them in the current directory.
Ron Schwarz
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