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May 24, 1999



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Concatenate to Increase ASP Performance

Although it is common to use repeated Response.Write statements in an Active Server Pages script, you may not be getting the most out of your Web server. Each time you use Response.Write, the server takes a quick time out to send the HTML content to the browser. You can make the ASP execute faster by concatenating several strings into a variable and reducing the number of times you call Response.Write. For example, instead of using Response.Write four times, try using it just once:
StrMytext="This is the first line.<P>"
StrMytext=StrMytext & "This is the second line.<P>"
StrMytext=StrMytext & "This is the third line.<P>"
StrMytext=StrMytext &  "<P>This is the fourth line.<P>"
Response.Write StrMyText
Ken Cox
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