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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 7, 1999



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Put Your Check-Box Value Into Your Database

Jeremy Boschen pointed out an easy way to load a Boolean into a check-box control in the tip, "Use Boolean Variables for Check-Box Values" [101 Tech Tips for VB Developers, Supplement to the February 1998 issue of VBPJ, page 1]. Conversely, you might want to put the value of the check box into a database as a number. To do so, use this code:

!db_field = Abs(Check1.Value = vbChecked)

This puts 1 into your database field. To make the value -1, change the Abs in the line to CInt. For VB3, you can't use the constant vbChecked and must use the value 1.

Joe Karbowski
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