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Tip of the Day
Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jun 7, 1999



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Be Careful When Mimicking Tool-Tip Help

Be careful about tips to easily duplicate tool-tip help with only tip control and mouse events. If your "tip" control doesn't have the same parent as the control you're moving over, you'll put your tip control in the wrong spot! The coordinates for a control refer to its parent, so trying to position it against the wrong parent (as opposed to the form) results in an (x, y) position different than you want. Also, make sure your tip control has the highest z-order, or it might show up "behind" a nearby control. Lastly, be careful about relying on the Form_MouseMove event to "turn off" your tip, because the event might not get fired as you move between two frames or move quickly over the form.

Joe Karbowski
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