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Language: C++
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Jun 11, 1999



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What is the Role of an Implicitly-Declared Constructor?

If there is no user-declared constructor in a class, and the class does not contain const or reference data members, the implementation implicitly declares a default constructor for it. An implicitly-declared default constructor is an inline public member of its class. It performs the initialization operations that are needed by the implementation to create an object instance. Note, however, that these operations do not involve initialization of user-declared data members or allocation of memory from the free store. For example:

class C
  int n;
  char *p;
  virtual ~C() {}

void f()
  C obj;  // 1 implicitly-defined constructor is invoked

The programmer did not declare a constructor in class C. Therefore, an implicit default constructor was declared and defined by the implementation in order to create an instance of class C. The synthesized constructor does not initialize the data members n and p, nor does it allocate memory for the latter. These data members have an indeterminate value after obj has been constructed.

Danny Kalev
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