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Jun 29, 1999



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Add Accelerator Keys to Your Internet Explorer Pages

Many computer users, especially power users, prefer keyboard commands instead of the mouse. Accelerator keys are common in compiled applications such as Visual Basic programs, but rare on Web pages. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can insert accelerator keys into form controls using the accesskey attribute. The user can press Alt+<accesskey> to move directly to a control. This code shows the use of accelerator keys in a form.

<FORM action=mypage.asp method=post>
<U>F</U>irst name: 
<INPUT id=fname name=fname accesskey=f><BR>
<U>L</U>ast name: 
<INPUT id=lname name=lname accesskey=l><P>
<INPUT type="submit" value="Submit" id=submit1 name=submit1 accesskey=s>

As of this writing (6/28/99), Netscape Navigator doesn't support the accesskey attribute.

Ken Cox
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