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Language: Web
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 12, 1999



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Submitting Forms to Different Pages

An HTML form usually looks like this:

<form name="Form1" method="post" action="page1.asp">

where you have to specify the action within the Form tag, thus limiting a "post" method to only one destination. However, the JavaScript form object has an "action" property that lets you dynamically change the destination of a "post" method. This is helpful, for example, on a data form page where you have buttons to add, remove, or update records, and the code for each action is located in separate ASP files. This example demonstrates how to change the action dynamically.

<script language=javascript>
function submitTo(url){
        document.Form1.action = url
<form name="Form1" METHOD=POST>
<p><input type=text name=text1 value="page2.asp">
<p><input type=button value="Submit" onClick="submitTo(text1.value)">

Note: This technique will not work in Internet Explorer 3.0. While it does not give you a run-time error, the action property cannot be set dynamically.

William Wen
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