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Jul 14, 1999



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Update Visual InterDev 6 Grid Column Headers on the Fly

The Visual InterDev 6 Grid design-time control (DTC) is a great timesaver. However, sometimes you need to change elements on the fly according to user actions. For instance, your normal sort order for the table may be A-Z but you want to indicate when the sort has been reversed. You can update the column headers with a little bit of server-side code. Here's an example:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript runat=Server>
function updheader() {
colhead = "'Name (Z-A)'";
Grid1.colHeader[0] = colhead;

With this code in place, you can use the onclick event of a server-side button script object to call the function, such as:

<SCRIPT ID=serverEventHandlersVBS LANGUAGE=vbscript RUNAT=Server>
Sub Button1_onclick()
End Sub
Ken Cox
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