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Jul 14, 1999



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Fix Remote Scripting Problems in Visual InterDev 6

The Visual InterDev Scripting Object Model (SOM) offers many time saving techniques for coding Web pages and remote scripting. However, you can lose a lot of time when the finicky SOM doesn't behave. If you are trying unsuccessfully to execute a function in a remote ASP page, try the following technique. First, delete the existing PageObject DTC from your startup ASP page and then save the startup page. Next, delete the PageObject DTC from the remote ASP that contains the function and then save the remote ASP page. Add a PageObject DTC to the remote ASP page and configure the function that you want to export. Save the remote ASP page. Finally, add a PageObject DTC to the start up ASP page and add a reference to the remote page. Although VID shouldn't require this type of workaround, it is usually faster to remove and re-add troublesome objects than to figure out why they don't work.
Ken Cox
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