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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 23, 1999



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Scrollbars and 3-D Effects on Non-MDI Forms

Standard VB forms don't support a scrollable client area. Normally, when one is needed, programmers resort to convoluted solutions such as filling the client area with a picture box, placing another picture box inside the first, manually adding two scrollbars, and placing the actual form content inside the nested picture box. Then programmers add code to handle the scrolling when the scrollbars are changed.

VB5's Forms 2.0 Designer provides the ability to automatically place scrollbars on a form and have them appear only when required. Place a Forms 2.0 Designer into your project and examine the Properties window. Click on the Categorized tab, and look at the Scrolling section for information on the scrolling properties and their usage.

For information on how to add a Forms 2.0 Designer and caveats on usage, see the Q&D Zoom Using Forms 2.0 Designer tip.

Ron Schwarz
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