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Tip of the Day
Language: Web
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 27, 1999

Verify a Check Box Using JavaScript

It is possible to see if a check box has been checked or not in JavaScript. This may come in handy during form validation. A check box has a checked property, which returns either a 0 for not checked and a 1 for checked. You can also set the property to 0 or 1 to programmatically control the check box.

<script language=javascript>
function validate(chk){
  if (chk.checked == 1)
    alert("Thank You");
    alert("You didn't check it! Let me check it for you.")
    chk.checked = 1; 
<input type=checkbox name=chk1>Please Check Me
<p><input type=button value="check" onclick="return validate(chk1);">
William Wen
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