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Aug 1, 1999



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Use Connection Pooling to Enhance Performance

You can experience a great increase in database performance if you utilize connection pooling. Creating a connection to a database takes a lot of time and resources. If every you create a connection instance for every page, a new connection must be created and then deleted once the page executes. Users will notice the loss in performance if there are many people hitting your server simultaneously. Let's look at how we can make sure our ASP applications use connection pooling.

1. Make sure your ASP registry settings have connection pooling enabled. First, you will need to run the REGEDIT program and alter the following registry entry:
If this value is not set, go ahead and insert this key into your registry.
Then, find the StartConnectionPool entry and change the value from 0 (zero) to 1 (one). Then, ADO and ASP will utilize connection pooling.

2. Make sure you

Jai Bardhan
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