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Language: Enterprise
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 3, 1999



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Use the Dual Interface Instead of vtbl only or Pure Interfaces

The COM client and server can communicate with each other in three ways - vtble interfaces, dispinterface or dual interface.

If the component is to be used only from compiled languages such as C and C++, you should use a vtbl or normal COM interface. These vtbl interfaces are much faster than dispinteraces. They are much easier to access from a C++ program.

If your component is to be accessed by VB or Java, you should implement a dual interface. VB or Java can access a dual interface either through dispinterface side or vtbl side. C++ user can also access either side of the dual interface. So, dual interface interfaces are much more versatile to use. Unless you really need to build component at run time, you should avoid pure dispinterfaces.

Jai Bardhan
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