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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 26, 1999



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Sharing Files Between VB and VBA

You can easily share files such as standard code, form, and class modules (BAS, FRM, and CLS files, respectively) between VB and VBA by using the appropriate menu commands. Within VB, select Project, then Add File... to import the desired file into a VB project. No action is necessary to export a VB file from a project because the files are maintained separately in Windows. Within VBA, select Import, then File... from the VB Editor menu, or right-click on a folder in the Project Explorer and select Import File... from the popup menu. Because these files are stored inside the VBA application's file, such as in an Excel Workbook, you must export these files to a folder before another VB project can import them. To export a file from within VBA, right-click on the file in the Project Explorer and select Export File... from the popup menu. You will then see a prompt to select the folder where you want to put the file.

John M.
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