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Sep 30, 1999



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Backup and Restore SQL Server Registry with Regrebld

If you make changes to the SQL Server Registry entries, then you should first back up those entries by using the Regrebld -backup command-line utility. Usage is:
Regrebld -backup 
You can run this command from the Command Prompt. Regrebld with the backup parameter creates five files in the \Mssql7\Binn folder: mssql7.rbk, mssql7ct.rbk, mssql7ea.rbk, mssql7es.rbk, and mssql7p.rbk. After editing the Registry, if you encounter any problems, than you can restore the SQL Server Registry entries by running Regrebld with the restore parameter. Usage is:
Regrebld -restore.
If you run the Regrebld utility without any parameters, it restores the registry entries, as with the -Restore option and re-creates the SQL Server services.
Jai Bardhan
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