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Language: C++
Expertise: Intermediate
Dec 10, 1999



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Initializing a Bit Struct

To initialize a struct that contains bit fields, simply use the ={0}partial initialization list:

int main()
  struct MP3_HEADER 
     unsigned Sync:11;
     unsigned Version:2;
     unsigned Layer:2;
     unsigned Protection:1;
     unsigned Bitrate:4;
     unsigned Frequency:2;
     unsigned Padding:1;
     unsigned Private:1;
     unsigned ChannelMode:2;
     unsigned ModeExtension:2;
     unsigned Copyright:1;
     unsigned Original:1;
     unsigned Emphasis:2;
  // create an instance and initialize it
  MP3_HEADER header  = {0}; /*set all members to zero*/
When you use a {0} partial initialization list, both C and C++ guarantee that all the members in the struct
Danny Kalev
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