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Feb 22, 2000



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Swapping Two Variables Without Using a Temporary

The classic implementation of the swap algorithm looks like this:

  void swap (int & i, int & j)
    int temp = i;
    i = j;
    j = temp;

Is it possible to swap i and j without using a third variable? Yes it is:

  swap(int & i, int & j)
    i -= j;
    j += i; // j gets the original value of i
    i = (j - i); // i gets the original value of j
However, this version isn't more efficient than the previous one (in fact, it's probably less efficient) because the compiler must generate a temporary variable to evaluate the following expression:

  i = (j - i); 

Although it has no practical value, this exercise may show up in your next job interview so it's worth remembering how to solve it.

Danny Kalev
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