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Tip of the Day
Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Feb 24, 2000



Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Save Forms' Size and Location at Run Time

You've noticed how some apps display forms and toolboxes in the same location and size as when you last closed them. Here's some simple code that gives your VB app the same effect by using the Registry. First, fill in an appropriate Tag property for your form at design time—something like Main Application Form or Color Tool Box. Then keep a global string constant called ApplicationName that holds the title for your application. It's used here to distinguish the Registry key, but it can also be used for error messages. Place this line in a module:
Public Const ApplicationName = "My Application Name"
Finally, place this code in a module:
Public Sub SaveFormDisplaySettings(frm As Form)
	If frm.Tag = "" Then Exit Sub
	SaveSetting ApplicationName, frm.Tag & _
		" Display Settings", "Top", Str(frm.Top)
	SaveSetting ApplicationName, frm.Tag & _
		" Display Settings", "Left", Str(frm.Left)
	SaveSetting ApplicationName, frm.Tag & _
		" Display Settings", "Height", Str(frm.Height)
	SaveSetting ApplicationName, frm.Tag & _
		" Display Settings", "Width", Str(frm.Width)
End Sub

Public Sub LoadFormDisplaySettings(frm As Form)
	Dim FormSettings As Variant
	Dim intSettings As Integer
	If frm.Tag = "" Then Exit Sub
	FormSettings = GetAllSettings(ApplicationName, frm.Tag & _
		" Display Settings")
	If IsEmpty(FormSettings) Then Exit Sub
	For intSettings = LBound(FormSettings, 1) _
		To UBound(FormSettings, 1)
	Select Case FormSettings(intSettings, 0)
		Case "Left"
			frm.Left = Val(FormSettings(intSettings, 1))
		Case "Top"
			frm.Top = Val(FormSettings(intSettings, 1))
		Case "Height"
			frm.Height = Val(FormSettings(intSettings, 1))
		Case "Width"
			frm.Width = Val(FormSettings(intSettings, 1))
	End Select
	Next intSettings
End Sub
Add this line to the Form_Load events of the forms you want to save:
Call LoadFormDisplaySettings(Me)
Add this line to the Form_Unload events:
Call SaveFormDisplaySettings(Me)
Note one side effect: These Registry settings remain in the Registry even after the application has been uninstalled. They're stored at or below HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\My Application Name\.
Kevin Fizz
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