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Mar 8, 2000



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The Standard C++ Naming Convention

If you're looking for a "house style" of naming convention, you can adopt the one used in Standard C++. It uses all lowercase letters for identifiers, and underscores as word separators. According to this naming convention, a function that cleans a stack, for example, would be named:

  void clean_stack(); // ANSI/ISO C++ naming style

Rather than:

  void CleanStack(); // MFC style

Class names in the Standard Library follow this convention too:

  class std::type_info {/*..*/}; // class name
  class std::bad_cast {/*..*/};  
  class std::vector {/*..*/}; // class template

Even constants have all lowercase names:


Remember that the actual naming convention you pick isn't crucial; what's important is that you use it consistently.

Danny Kalev
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