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Language: Java
Expertise: Intermediate
Mar 27, 2000



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Internationalization and Formatting numbers

You can consider Java to be a strong language with respect to internationalization and number formatting. Sometimes you might wish to format numbers in a specific locale or given a certain number of digits. Two classes help in this case: NumberFormat and DecimalFormat. For example, to format a specific number in a given LOCALE (French, for example) try:
String numberString=NumberFormat.getInstance(locale.FRENCH).format(number);
Or to round to two decimal places try:
NumberFormat format = NumberFormat.getInstance();
format .setMaximumDecimalFractionDigits(2);
String numberString = format .format(number + 0.5);
You can also use the getCurrencyInstance method of NumberFormat to manipulate currency values.
Manoj K.
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