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Language: Java
Expertise: Intermediate
Apr 3, 2000



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Preparing an ActiveX Control to be Used in VJ++

A Java application accesses an ActiveX control via a set of .CLASS files. Preparing a control for use with VJ++ is a two-step process. First, you register the control using Regsvr32.exe, which ships with VJ++. Regsvr32 takes one argument—the DLL or control to register—and any of several command-line switches, the most notable of which is /u to uninstall a control.

Second, Once you've registered a control, it will appear in the JavaTLB(Java Type Library Wizard) tool. To run the JavaTLB, choose Tools | Java Type Library Wizard from the Visual J++ main menu.

You can now manually generate the registered tool's required classes and package its files for use with Visual J++ using Java Type Library Wizard.
Manoj K.
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