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Apr 20, 2000



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Identifying Browsers Using ASP

Using the BrowserType object, your ASP pages can detect the type of browser being used to download the page. In addition, you can also test the browser for specific capabilities. The following code demonstrates how you can use the BrowserType object:
<% SET bc = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType") %>
Browser = <%= bc.browser %>
Version = <%= bc.version %>
Frames = <%= bc.frames %>
Tables = <%= bc.tables %>
Background Sounds = <%= bc.BackgroundSounds %>
JavaScript = <%= bc.Javascript %>
VBScript = <%= bc.vbscript %>
The browser and version types are retrieved from the browser hitting the ASP page; the specific capabilities are stored in the server's 'Browscap.ini' file.
Manoj K.
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