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Apr 20, 2000



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Use This Simple Function to Format Floating Point Expressions

JavaScript does not have a built-in function for formatting floating-point numbers. However, it's easy to create one using JavaScript's String methods. For example:
function format(expr, decplaces) { 
// Convert the number to a string 
str = expr.toString() 
// Get the position of the decimal point 
point = str.indexOf(".") 
// Get the substring to the correct decimal place 
newstring = str.substring(0, Number(point) + Number(decplaces) + 1) 
file://Convert the string to a number, and return 
To call the function, just substitute the number you want to format for the first parameter, and the number of decimal places you want in the second parameter. For example, if you wrote these statements:
x = 23.56733 
newnum = format(x, 2) 
then the value of newnum would become 23.56.
Manoj K.
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