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Apr 27, 2000



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Comparing Textbox Values Regardless of

If you want to compare the values in two different textboxes, and you don't want case to be a factor in whether or not the values are equivalent, you can convert the strings in both text boxes to one case or the other before you compare them. The String methods 'toLowerCase' and 'toUpperCase' make this very easy to do. They convert strings to all lowercase or to all uppercase, respectively.

Here's an example:

var string1 = document.all.inputbox1.value; var string2=
document.all.inputbox2.value; if (string1.toLowerCase() == string2.toLowerCase()) alert("Strings are equivalent.");

The toLowerCase method converts both string1 and string2 to lowercase before the two strings are compared. Note that the strings themselves are not permanently changed; to keep the lowercase version of the strings, you would have to assign the results of the toLowerCase method to a variable, as in:

var lowerstring = string1.toLowerCase();
Manoj K.
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