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Apr 27, 2000



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Getting Recordsets With Remote Data Services

There are basically two ways to get recordsets with Remote Data Services (RDS). You can either use the system-provided RDSServer.DataFactory object or you can write your own full-blown custom business objects that return ADO recordsets. RDSServer.DataFactory is a general-purpose object. It takes a connection string and a command text and returns a disconnected recordset.

rds = new ActiveXObject("RDS.DataSpace");
df = rds.CreateObject("RDSServer.DataFactory", "http://expoware");
rs = df.Query("DSN=Northwind", sql);

At this point, you can use the recordset to update the current page. If you need to submit changes, just use the SubmitChanges method. The recordset is sent back to the server where the stub sets up a new connection with the data source and submits the changes. .

The DataFactory issues a command to the data source and returns the resulting recordset. If you need to employ more complex logic, write your own components. Your custom business objects must be registered on the server via the following registry key:

Just create a new key under ADCLaunch using the progID of your business object as its name.
Manoj K.
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