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May 16, 2000



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Advantages of EXISTS over IN Clause in a Query

If you wish to retrieve from the department table all the department numbers that have at least one employee assigned to them, write the query as:
 select deptno, deptname 
from   dept 
where  deptno in 
	 ( select deptno 
   from   emp) ;
This query will run a full table scan on both the emp and dept tables. Even if there was an index on the deptno column of emp table, the sub-query would not be using the index and, hence, performance would suffer.

We can rewrite the query as:

 select deptno, deptname 
from   dept 
where  exists in 
	 ( select deptno 
   from   emp
   where  dept.deptno = emp.deptno) ;
This query uses an existing deptno index on the emp table, making the query much faster. Thus, wherever possible use EXISTS in place of IN clause in a query.
Jayanta Sengupta
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