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Language: C++
Expertise: All
Jun 2, 2000



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Reducing A Class's Size

Many programmers still use the non-standard, platform dependent BOOL typedef instead of using bool. There are many good reasons why you shouldn't use BOOL; one of them has to do with the size of this type. Unlike bool, which occupies one byte on most platforms, BOOL occupies four bytes. Thus, BOOL causes am unnecessary increase in the size of your classes and structs. Consider the following example:

class Bloated
 BOOL a;
 BOOL b;
 BOOL c;
 BOOL d;

class Slim
 bool a;
 bool b;
 bool c;
 bool d;

Class Bloated occupies 16 bytes in memory. Slim, on the other hand, occupies only four bytes.

Danny Kalev
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