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Jul 10, 2000



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Focus Your Users Using ASP And JavaScript

Many sites don't do a very good job focusing their users attention on the form controls that they have to fill out. It's easy to jump from one form control to the next using the Tab key once the cursor is already inside the form, but getting it there sometimes can be tricky. To help users with that, you can place the following small piece of JavaScript code somewhere after your form's closing tag:

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
 // Position the cursor on the first form control

Furthermore, if you do server-side validation of certain form elements, then you can focus users on the controls that they missed or filled with bad data using a similar approach. When rejecting a submitted form, your server-side script can redirect the user back to the form's page adding to the URL's query string the name of the form control that must be re-entered. For example, the following code in the validating script:

Dim strBadControlName, strUserPrompt

'Validate the form
If Trim(Request.Form("FIRSTNAME")) = "" Then
   strBadControlName = "FIRSTNAME"
   strUserPrompt = "Please enter your first name!"
ElseIf Trim(Request.Form("LASTNAME")) = "" Then
   strBadControlName = "LASTNAME"
   strUserPrompt = "Please enter your last name!"
ElseIf Not IsNumeric(Request.Form("AGE")) Then
   strBadControlName = "AGE"
   strUserPrompt = "Please enter your age!"
End If

'Redirect back to the form if one of the required elements is missing or 
If strBadControlName <> "" And strUserPrompt <> "" Then _
  Response.Redirect "FormPage.asp?CONTROL=" +  strBadControlName + 
"&MSG=" + Server.URLEncode(strUserPrompt)
will cause the form page to load with the cursor already conveniently placed in the control in question, provided that the page has the following code in it:
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
// Position the cursor on the control
// Tell the user why the form was rejected
Again, this JavaScript code needs to be placed somewhere after the form itself.

Teymour Askerov
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