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Jul 17, 2000



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Using Temp Tables in Oracle 8i

Oracle 8i introduces the concept of temp tables. This feature long since enjoyed by SQL Server developers enables data to be visible on a Session or Transaction basis. To create an Oracle 8i temp table use the following syntax:
 Create global temporary table tempTable
id number,
value number
This creates a table that is visible to all sessions, but only the data placed in the table is visible for the current working session. The temp table is resident until the session that created it is closed.

Additionally, temp tables can be created for use on a per-transaction basis. The following syntax creates a temp table that purges all data once a transaction is committed. Or to preserve data once a transaction has been committed, use the "on commit preserve rows" syntax.

 Create global temporary table tempTable
id number,
value number
) on commit delete rows;
Andrew Holliday
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