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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 25, 2000



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Use Select Case When Validating Sequential Steps

When validating a set of sequential steps, the Select Case structure can be used to step through each validation method. As each Case is cycled through, the validation method is called to test the Select Case logic. Each method in the Case statements is performed until the Select Case logic is true. So, each validation step is performed, in order, until one fails or all pass. I use this in the Wizard Manager "Finish" button click event to validate each page in a simple wizard where data was entered. The correction code causes the display of the offending Wizard frame and usually sets focus to the offending control (e.g. a textbox). This allows the user to move through the wizard pages without having to enter data. Once all data are entered, this method is called to validate the entire entry.

Example structure:

Select Case False
     Case ValidateStep1
          'jump to correction code for step 1
     Case ValidateStep2
          'jump to correction code for step 2
     Case ValidateStep3
          'jump to correction code for step 3
     Case ValidateStep4
          'jump to correction code for step 4
     Case ValidateStep5
          'jump to correction code for step 5
     Case Else
          'all validation methods return true
End Select

Private Function ValidateStep1() as Boolean
     'return true if validation is good
     'return false otherwise
End Function
Norm Fenlason
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