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Sep 19, 2000



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Converting Input String to Proper Case

This is a simple string manipulation functionality that is often required. It converts the input string into a proper string (eg., "how are you doing?" will return "How Are You Doing?").

Below is the function ProperCase that you can add to your bas module:

 Public Function ProperCase(ByVal prmText 
As String) As String Dim strText As String Dim lngPos As Long Dim lngLen As Long lngLen = Len(prmText) lngPos = 1 strText = prmText Select Case lngLen Case 1 ProperCase = UCase(strText) Case Is > 1 strText = UCase(Left(strText, 1)) &
Right(strText, lngLen - 1) lngPos = 2 While lngPos > 0 lngPos = InStr(lngPos, strText, " ",
vbTextCompare) If lngPos > 0 Then lngPos = lngPos + 1 If lngPos < lngLen Then strText = Left(strText, lngPos - 1)
& UCase(Mid(strText, lngPos, 1)) & Right(strText, lngLen - lngPos) Else strText = Left(strText, lngPos - 1)
& UCase(Mid(strText, lngPos, 1)) End If End If Wend ProperCase = strText Case Else ProperCase = "" End Select End Function
Jatin Shah
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