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Language: Web
Expertise: Intermediate
Oct 30, 2000



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Gather Both Server-side and Client-side Info into a URL

Sometimes you want to build a link URL which contains both server side and client side information. For instance, in your asp code you want to build this link:
<a href='DeleteRecord.asp?RecordID=&UserID=&UserPassword=
'>Delete this record</a>

"UserID" value and "UserPassword" values are user authentication information the user enters at client side before s/he clicks this link. While you can retrieve RecordID from a database by server-side, you have no way get user authentication information here. Here's one way to solve this problem:

First, the user authentication form:
<form name='formAuth' id='formAuth'>
 <input type=text id='textUserID'>
 <input type=password id='textUserPassword'>

Then, the JavaScript function:
<script language=javascript>
 function DeleteRecord(parRecordID)
   window.location.href ="DeleteRecord.asp?RecordID=
                        + "&UserID=" + 
                        + "&UserPassword=" + document.formAuth.textUserPassword.value

When you build the link again, suppose you have retrieved "RecordID" value from the database and saved it to a variable "valRecordID".
<a href='javascript:DeleteRecord(<%=valRecordID%>) 
'>Delete this record</a>
Liu Qingtao
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