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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jun 5, 2001



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Debugging the OCX, DLL, or EXE

The same code can be used for debugging either in development or in production environments. To do so include the following subroutine in the module:
Private Sub ShowMessage(msg As String)
    If bDebugMode Then
        MsgBox msg, , "This message produced because of 
DebugMode setting"
        Debug.Print msg
    End If
End Sub	

In appropriate places inside code put:
Debug.Print ShowMessage("put here what ever is needed")

bDebugMode can be initialized from the registry or the calling procedure. In a development environment, it will work as Debug.Print. In a production environment, if the value of bDebugMode = True, the Message Box will pop up. Otherwise, it will do nothing.

This technique comes from the idea that Debug.Print statements are not always removed from an executable. (
Lev Romanov
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