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Oct 25, 2001



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How to Determine User Access Rights for a Windows NT Authenticated Web Site

First, you have to disable the Anonymous access for the site and activate Window/Basic Authentication. You can get information about a logged on User with:

You can get the proper path of the user with:
strUserId = Ucase(Loggedonuser)
strUserId = Split(Loggedonuser,"\")
strUserId = domainName & "/" & strUserId
strPath = "WinNT://" & strUserId

You can get the NT UserGroup of the logged on user with:
Set objUser = GetObject(strPath)
Set objUserGroups = objUser.Groups()

Then, you can set the variables depending upon the Groups of the user, which can be used for the authentication process. This works with Win2K also.
Shoven Swaraj
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