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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Nov 9, 2001



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Return the Date of the Next Specified Day of the Week

This code will return the date of the next weekday that you specify. For example, assuming today is July 4th, 2001 and you need to know the date for next Monday, the line:
dDate = NextDay(Monday)

will return '07/09/2001'.
Public Enum DayOfWeek
  Sunday = 1
  Monday = 2
  Tuesday = 3
  Wednesday = 4
  Thursday = 5
  Friday = 6
  Saturday = 7
End Enum
Public Function NextDay(ByVal vuDay As DayOfWeek) 
As Date

  Dim liToday As Integer

  liToday = Weekday(Date)
  Select Case liToday
    Case vuDay
      NextDay = Format(DateAdd("d", 7, Date), 
    Case Is < vuDay
      NextDay = Format(DateAdd("d", vuDay - liToday, 
Date), "mm/dd/yyyy")
    Case Is > vuDay
      NextDay = Format(DateAdd("d", 7 - 
liToday + vuDay, Date),
  End Select

End Function
Steve Hardgrove
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