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Language: Web
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Nov 29, 2001



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Always Use the Collection Name when Using Request Object

In ASP, Request object has five collections: QueryString, Form, Cookies, ClientCertificate, and ServerVariables. When you want to access information in one of these collections, you have the choice of writing the name of the variable directly after Request object without specifying the collection name in which the variable is stored. Request object searches through the collection in the above order and returns the value. Therefore, you can write Request("var1") instead of Request.QueryString("var1").

However, for other collections, such as ServerVariables, it is strongly recommended to write the name of the collection. So, you would use Request.Servervariables("SERVER_NAME") rather than Request("SERVER_NAME"). This speeds up the execution and avoids unnecessary searches through other collections.
Jatin Shah
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