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Language: C++
Expertise: Intermediate
Dec 15, 2001



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A Class with a Virtual Function Should Have a Virtual Destructor

A rule of thumb in class design says that if a class has at least one virtual function, it should have a virtual destructor, too. This is because the presence of a virtual member function implies that the class may serve as a base class. To ensure that the right destructor is called when you're using a pointer or a reference to a base that actually point to a derived object, the destructor must be virtual. For example:
class character_device
 virtual int read(char * p, int sz)=0;
 virtual ~ character_device()=0;
class modem: public character device
int read(char * p, int sz); //implement pure virtual _
method ~modem();

character_device * pcd=new modem; 
//..use pcd
delete pcd; // ok, calls pcd->~modem()
Danny Kalev
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