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Dec 15, 2001



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How to Write Backward Compatible JavaScript Links

Although most people have JavaScript enabled on their browsers, there are still a lot of people who don't. This is why you should always make your pages as backward compatible as possible. One easy way to improve access is with pop-up window links (where you click somewhere and a page appears in a small pop-up window). Usually, you'd write:
<A HREF="javascript:popup('page2.html');">link</A>

Instead, try using the onClick handler to handle the JavaScript:
<A HREF="page2.html" TARGET="_blank" onClick="popup_
('page2.html');return false;">link</A>

The link will display the page in a new window for non-JS browsers and the "return false" ensures that newer browsers only perform the (more controllable) JavaScript pop-up. onClick="return false;" can also be useful in stopping <A HREF=#> links from taking you to the top of the page, and of course they remain backward compatible!
Andrew Skeen
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