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Language: Java
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 3, 2002



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Sending More than One Value for an Associated Name

Have you ever wanted to send more than one value for an associated name by passing values to a Servlet or JSP using a name-value pair? A simple way to do this is to pass a string array for an associated name.

Here is the HTML code that does this (it can be done in the same way using JSP):
<Input type=”text” name=”test” >
<Input type=”text” name=” test” >
<Input type=”text” name=” test” >
<Input type=”text” name=” test” >
<Input type=”text” name=” test” >

On submitting the form to a Servlet or JSP the name “test” will contain more then one values (in this case 5 values).

In the Servlet or JSP, the following piece of code will get the all the values associated with the name:
String test []=request.getParameterValues (“test”);

“test” has a string array or returns null if the values are not received from the request.
Arun Boraiah
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