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Jul 30, 2002



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Check for Errors While Connecting to a Database

When connecting to a database, you should check for errors and return a descriptive user-friendly error message. This code calls an error handler routine after connecting to the database. If an error occurs, an email is sent to inform someone (usually server admin) that an error occurred, what the error description is, and the name of the Web page. The error routine can be used as an include file.
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="..\..\Include\Error_Handler_Inc.asp"#-->

On Error Resume Next
Set aConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
aConn.Open ConnectTo()

'Error Handler Code
Dim sFileName
Dim varConnection

sFileName = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")
varConnection = ConnectTo()

ErrorHandler1 Err.Number, Err.Description, varConnection, 
sFilename, ""

If err.number = 0 Then

'do your processing here
	On Error GoTo 0
End If

Sub ErrorHandler1(varError, varDesc, varConnection, varFileName,
	Dim varMsg
	Dim varEmailMsg

	If varError <> 0 Then
		varEmailMsg = "The following error has _
occurred: "& "<BR><I>Error Number:  _
</I>" & varError & "</I>" & _
			 "<Br><I>Error Message:  _
</I>" & varDesc & "</I>"

		varMsg = "<b><font color=red>_
An error has occurred while connecting to
the database. <p>An email has been sent to the Help Desk.</font></b>"
		Response.Write varMsg

'-- Send an email to the Help Desk and Server Group
		Dim strTo, strSubject, strBody
		Dim objCDOMail

		strTo = "email@address1.com; email@address2.com"
		strSubject = "Database Connection Error"
		strbody = varEmailMsg & _
"<p><I>Connection String:  </I>" _
& varConnection
& "<BR><I>File Name:  </I>" & _
varFileName & "</I>"

		Set objCDOMail = _

		objCDOMail.From = "Name <name@email.com>"
		objCDOMail.To = strTo
		objCDOMail.Subject = strSubject
		objCDOMail.Body = strBody

		objCDOMail.BodyFormat = 0 ' CdoBodyFormatHTML
		'Outlook gives you grief unless you also set:
		objCDOMail.MailFormat = 0 ' CdoMailFormatMime

		Set objCDOMail = Nothing
	End If
End Sub

Jill Herrmann
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