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Language: C++
Expertise: Advanced
Dec 9, 2002



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Avoiding Recursive Header Includes

In C/C++ header files, it's often necessary to include the header files of sub classes or classes which are used. For example:
#include "a.h"     <- in b.h

Sometimes header files need to include each other, as in:
#include "a.h"     <- in b.h
#include "b.h"     <- in a.h

This results in recursion within the headers, which often cannot be solved by using #ifndef's. To work around this, only include headers in .cpp files. In header files, simply re-declare the class you need to use (e.g. class B;). As methods will only be called in the .cpp files, there is no need to include the full header.
class B     &tl- in a.h
void SetB(B * b);
B * myB;
Ray Hunter
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