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Language: C++
Expertise: Intermediate
Dec 9, 2002



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Write a Generic Function that Takes Variable Datatype Parameters

To write a function like swap(datatype1, datatype2) that will take any two datatypes in its parameter and swap their values, use function templates.

For example, to implement a generic swap function:
//declare the function
template <class T> void swap(T &a, T &b)
 //decleare a temporary placeholder
 T temp;
 temp = a;
 a = b;
 b = temp;

//now to demonstrate ...
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
 //decleare some variables for swapping
 int i = 2, j = 3;
 char a = 'a', b = 'b';

 cout<<"Before swapping the integers .. "<<i<<" "<<j<<endl;
 swap(i, j);
 cout<<"after swapping the integers .. "<<i<<" "<<j<<end;
  cout<<"Before swapping the characters .. "<<a<<" "<<b<<endl;
 swap(a, b);
 cout<<"after swapping the characters .. "<<a<<" "<<b<<end;

 return 0;

Before swapping the integers .. 2 3
After swapping the integers .. 3 2
Before swapping the characters .. a b
Before swapping the integers .. b a
Tanzim Husain
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