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Language: C++
Expertise: Advanced
Jul 28, 2003



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Breaking Data Hiding

It is said that C++ provides data hiding, but the following code shows that this is not always true. You can break the C++s data-hiding facility using the memory function:

class Myth {
   int x;
}; // here x is a private variable.

int main()
Myth obj;
int val;
// set the value of the private variable.
cout << "enter some value" << endl;
cin >> val;
memcpy (&obj, &val, sizeof(val));
// now see if the private variable has got that value or not
int outcome;
memcpy (&outcome, &obj, sizeof(outcome));
cout << "here is the value  " << outcome << endl;

return 0;
Dharmender Rai
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