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Language: VBS
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 4, 2003



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Format Strings in Proper Case

VBScript does not support the StrConv() function, which is useful to format strings in proper case. Use this algorithm to help you:

Public Function StrConv( _
	ByVal psString, ByVal plFormat) 'As String

	Dim lsString 	'As String
	Dim laString 	'As String
	Dim liCount 		'As Integer
	Dim lsWord 		'As String
	Const vbProperCase = 3
	lsString = psString
	Select Case plFormat
		Case vbProperCase
		lsString = LCase(lsString)
		laString = Split(lsString)
		For liCount = 0 To UBound(laString)
			lsWord = laString(liCount)
			If Len(Trim(lsWord)) > 0 Then
				lsWord = UCase(Left(lsWord, 1)) & _
					Right(lsWord, Len(lsWord) - 1)
				laString(liCount) = lsWord
			End If
		Next liCount
		lsString = Join(laString)
	Case Else
	End Select
	StrConv = lsString
End Function
The sample call StrConv(the pHillIes wiLL PrevaiL, 3) returns the string 'The Phillies Will Prevail.'

You can use the same name for the corresponding Visual Basic function to facilitate easy adoption of the native version should it ever be supported in future releases of VBScript. If desired, you also can add support for the other StrConv formatting options. VBScript doesnt currently support the Mid statement (as opposed to the Mid function) either, or you could rewrite this algorithm more efficiently using that.

Brian Egras
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